Russia: Putin makes historic statement on gays - 1 Feb 07

Things have been a little sticky over in Russia. Gay rights activists are out for judicial blood over Moscow's banned gay pride parade and have promised to take the matter to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Moscow's mayor, Yury Luzhkov recently equated homosexuality with satanism. Luckily, Russian President Vladimir Putin's keeping it all together. Or, something.

Asked about Luzkov's statements, Putin was forced to make his first public statements on homosexuality ever. And what a resonant, powerful statement it was - by which we mean they're really pretty worthless:

I respect – and will respect – freedom of people in all their manifestations. My attitude to sexual minorities is simple. It is connected with my fulfilling of my official obligations.

Wow! That's real leadership right there. We can really tell Putin has the interest of his people in mind.

After making the statement, wrapped up the press conference, saying, "I've got some assassinations to plan, corruption to foster and shady Iranian business deals to broker, please excuse me." What a gentleman.

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