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Mon, Feb 12


Anna and Mara are on their way back to Italy having spent a holiday abroad. As soon as they cross the border they realise that an unexpected passenger – a Moroccan teenager named Anis – has hidden himself in their car. At first they have no idea what they should do with him. But then, they decide to take him home with them. In the beginning, their life together is extremely amicable. Anis soon finds his niche in the couple’s life and, for a while, it looks as though they may have found a way of supporting each other in what is an emotionally difficult situation. But the fragile balance of their relationship is short-lived.

First Anis loses his job. And then he has to cope with a rebuff from Mara, with whom he has fallen in love. Anna is obliged to look on, helpless, as her idyllic domestic arrangement begins to crumble. Director Marco S. Puccioni: “My film tells the story of three people who are incapable of taking part in society in the way to which they are entitled. It is about three people who, by chance, find themselves caught up for a short time in an unusual, undefined family scenario – a community that is not bound by traditional values, functioning rather as a group of individuals undertaking to give their companions comfort and affection.”


Video: Riparo
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Screenings at the festival
Mon, Feb12, 20:00 Cubix 7 & 8 Interlocked (E)
Tue, Feb 13, 22:30 CinemaxX 7 (E)
Wed, Feb 14, 17:00 Cubix 9 (E)
Thu, Feb 15, 17:30 CineStar 3 (E)