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Teddy Award 2010


Video: Interview Bard Yden (Jury)
Bård Ydén joined Skeive Filmer / Oslo Gay & Lesbian Film Festival as a programmer in 2004 and became festival director in 2007. He is currently planning the festival’s 20th anniversary in September this year. He has a BA in calligraphy from Roehampton Institute and is currently developing his first short film.

Video: Interview Michael Gamilla (Jury)
Michael Gamilla is the Programming Director of ImageOut, the Rochester Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival. Born and raised in the Philippines where movies are a national pastime, he considers volunteering for the LGBT community and being involved in the film festival circuit as fulfillments of lifelong dreams. Aside from curating film programmes, he writes film reviews and blogs about the entertainment scene. He has a degree in Computer Science and works for a telecommunications company.

Video: Interview Laura Coppens (Jury)
Laura Coppens is the director and head of the Southeast Asia section as well as the Queer Asia section of ASIAN HOT SHOTS BERLIN, the first festival for Asian independent film and video art in Berlin. She studied cultural anthropology and is currently a PhD candidate in the University Research Priority Program „Asia and Europe“. She is writing her thesis on lesbians in Jakarta. Parallel to her work at university she is producing her own films and holds several jobs for both film festivals and film productions.

Video: Interview Michelle Mangan (Jury)
Michelle Mangan is the Festival Director of Outsiders - The Liverpool LGBTI Film Festival where she has been programmer and trustee since 2005. Graduating from Glasgow University after studying Theatre, Film and TV Michelle forged a successful career in the music industry working for major labels such as EMI and Virgin. A busy press and marketing freelancer too, Michelle has worked for many film and arts organisations including DANCE:FILM Festival and National Theatre of Scotland. Also a pioneering DJ, she has been providing the soundtrack to many legendary queer clubs since 1988 across the UK and Europe.


Video: Interview Sridhar Rangayan (Jury)
Sridhar Rangayan is the Festival Director of Kashish – Mumbai International Queer Film Festival which will be launched this April, showcasing Indian and international queer films. Being one of the earliest ‘out’ gay men in India, he has been a front rank leader in the LGBT movement in India and has contributed immensely through his writings, public talks, publication designs and films. His award winning queer films have been considered groundbreaking for their realistic and sensitive portrayal of the largely closeted Indian gay community.

Video: Interview Gulya Sultanova (Jury)
Gulya Sultanova is the Managing Director of Side by Side (Bok o Bok) - the first annual international LGBT film festival in Russia. Gulya's responsibilities are developing the film festival in St. Petersburg and Russian regions. She has a specialization in German studies and has spent a large part of her time developing interccultural programmes for young people. She is also an activist and project coordinator of LGBT Organisation Coming Out (Vyhod), Russia's first officially registered LGBT NGO.

Video: Interview Pau G. Guillen (Jury)
Pau G. Guillen is programmer and co-director of Zinegoak, Bilbao International Gay and Lesbian Filmfestival. He worked as production manager of ANDER, Roberto Castons first feature film, and as a teacher of production at KINEMA audiovisual school. After seven years as a TV News Prodcuer for TVV in Spain, Pau began to produce TV-series. As a director he cooperated with spanish fashion designers like Dolores Cortes o La cantante Calva. Also he directed social documentaries.


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