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Teddy Award 2005
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Teddy Award 2006

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Here at the TEDDYAWARD.TV you find all around queer themes at the Berlinale 2006 and 2005: Film Information - Trailers - Talks - Press Conferences - Daily News and Gossip - and the TEDDY Award Ceremony. To view the more than 50 hours of video content you need the free Windows Media Player and an internet connection with a minimum of 300 kbp/s.

A very special award on the list of significant international film prizes is celebrating its 20th birthday: the TEDDY - the Queer Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival

When the first TEDDY was awarded in 1987, there was not even a ceremony. Minisized teddy bears from a department store were placed in envelopes and sent to the then unknown directors Pedro Almodóvar in Spain and Gus Van Sant in the USA. Neither of them has forgotten this and they both remain loyal friends of the TEDDY. And this was the beginning of the success story of a film prize that, despite all initial homophobic accusations, has developed into one of the Berlinale’s largest events over the years.

Video: TEDDY TWENTY - Trailer
20 years of queer films inside
Berlin International Film Festival

The TEDDY evolved out of the meetings of festival-organisers from gay-lesbian film festivals worldwide who had been getting together in Berlin ever since the Berlinale’s Panorama section (first called the Info-Schau) was founded in 1980. The goal of Manfred Salzgeber, then director of the Panorama, was to end the isolation of gaylesbian cinema and give it a platform where it could not be overlooked by the film industry and the public. It was these ideas that Wieland Speck, who was Salzgeber’s right hand man from 1982 onwards and is today’s Panorama director, had in mind when establishing the TEDDY - Queer Film Award.

Video: Andrea Winter interviews Wieland Speck, director of the Panorama
Video: Andrea Winter interviews Margaret von Schiller, programme coordinator of the Panorama

Since then films with gay, lesbian or transgender content have been integrated in all sections of the Berlinale. Every year, these 40 or so films compete for the three TEDDY statues. The international nine-member TEDDY-JURY chooses the best short film, feature film and documentary. The cash prizes accompanying the awards are raised by the TEDDY e. V. staff, who work on a voluntary basis, and its supporters. To preside over the TEDDY Jury 2006, Noah Cowan, co-director of the To preside over the TEDDY Jury 2006, Noah Cowan, co-director of the Toronto International Film Festival , has been enlisted. Since 1997 the TEDDY is a bronze bear on top of a cobblestone, two symbols of Berlin, designed by famous German cartoonist Ralf König .

Video: Ang Lee, Oscar winning director of "Brokeback Mountain" congratulates to the 20th TEDDY Award
Video: A nice song from Rosa von Praunheim and friends to the 20th TEDDY Award
Video: Director Yonfan from Hongkong congratulates to the 20th TEDDY Award
Video: Director Stanley Kwan from Hongkong, winner of the TEDDY Award in 1998 congratulates to the 20th TEDDY Award

Past prize-winners include Derek Jarman, Rosa von Praunheim, Nan Goldin, Constantine Giannaris, Francois Ozon, Greta Schiller and Andrea Weiss, Todd Haynes, Stanley Kwan, Heiner Carow, Lukas Moodysson, Tilda Swinton as well as later Oscar-winners Peggy Rajski, Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman.

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