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Sat, Feb 07

Berlin - Ecke Bundesplatz "Die Aussteiger" (Page 2)


BERLIN ECKE BUNDESPLATZ – DIE AUSSTEIGER is a unique contemporary document. The two protagonists think they live a more reasonable life than most: Reimar Lenz, a maladroit intellectual, who has used his tiny apartment as a political saloon for the past 22 years, and Hans Ingebrand, an ex-policeman, painter, and masseur. They have been a couple for 37 years, and lifetime partners since 2002. They lead a life bereft of material luxury and social assurances. They have higher aspirations. Their main concerns are international, inter-religious, and intercultural communication. They spend their days picketing, working for freedom, and engaging in political discussion groups. But even these 'drop-outs' aren't getting any younger. They also have to deal with getting older and with facing illness and death.
DIE AUSSTEIGER is a portrait of a long-term relationship, set in the context of a Berliner subculture before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is one of the film contributions to the anthology project BERLIN ECKE BUNDESPLATZ project, which also include the following titles: MÜTTER UND TÖCHTER, SCHÖN IST DIE JUGEND..., DIE KÖPCKE BANDE, and DER YILMAZ-CLAN.



Video: Interview mit den beiden Regisseuren von Berlin - Ecke Bundesplatz und den Protagonisten
Hans Ingebrand und Reimar Lenz

by Hans Georg Ullrich, Detlef Gumm / 90 min
Prod: Känguruh-Film-GmbH.

Screenings at the festival
07.02.09 Cosima
08.02.09 Cosima
14.02.09 Cosima
15.02.09 Cosima

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