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Sat, Feb 07

An Englishman in New York (Page 2)


In 1975, at the age of 66, openly gay writer Quentin Crisp has given up on finding fame and so it comes rather as a surprise when the British TV film THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT, which is about his life so far, makes him a celebrity overnight. However, while Quentin had successfully pushed a nation out of the closet, the nation “had a name to put to their demon.” Refusing to return to anonymity and following an invitation to New York, Quentin finds himself in the country where he is welcomed with open arms. What was seen as freakish in London is normal in the Big Apple and having secured his Resident Alien status for his “unique qualities”, Quentin becomes the toast of New York society. In his off-Broadway show he also advises people on, “how to be happy”. But it's the gay community this time who now condemn him. In one of his shows Quentin unwisely describes AIDS as “a fad.” The consequences are devastating. His hit show is pulled… But it is his friendship with the young and gay artist Patrick Angus that proves to be a profound revelation. Patrick is in search of his “Great Dark Man”, a journey that is leading him to disillusion and destruction. Patrick confesses that he agrees with Quentin – homosexual love is impossible. Lately Patrick has contracted HIV…



Video: An Englishman in New York Clip01

Video: An Englishman in New York Clip02

by Richard Laxton / Großbritannien / USA
HDCAM / 074 min / Englisch / Ohne ST
with John Hurt, Denis 0`Hare, Jonathan Tucker, Swoozie Kurtz, Cynthia Nixon
Prod: Leopardrama Ltd.

Screenings at the festival
07.02.09 Cubix 7&8 22:30
11.02.09 Zoo Palast 1 19:00
12.02.09 CinemaxX 7 10:30
13.02.09 Cubix 9 14:30

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