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Sat, Feb 07

Ghosted (ai-mei) (Page 2)


GHOSTED is the haunting story of an unusual love affair bridging two cultures and two cities: The sudden death in unexplained circumstances of her young Taiwanese lover, Ai-ling, throws Hamburg artist Sophie Schmitt completely off kilter. She travels to Taipei to exhibit a video installation dedicated to Ai-ling. On the opening night, Sophie is approached by a pushy journalist, Mei-li, who takes her on a trip to the famous Taipei night markets and attempts to seduce the grieving artist. But Sophie rejects her and returns to Hamburg. Shortly thereafter, Mei-li turns up unannounced on Sophie's doorstep. Soon, Sophie realises that Mei-li is secretly investigating Ai-ling's death. Sophie is unsettled by a series of events and sudden flashbacks. Then she discovers that the Taiwanese newspaper that Mei-Li claims to work for has never heard of her and that no one with her name has ever entered Germany. Who, then, is this beautiful and mysterious stranger...? Monika Treut: “In Chinese and Taiwanese cinema spirits of the dead return to take revenge. Women enjoy a freedom in these stories, which traditional suppression had denied them in everyday life. In this in-between world they become the erotic, daring, charming, and ambitious creatures they wanted to be, finally pursuing
their own desires.”



Video: Ghosted

Video: Ghosted

Video: Interview Monika Treut
Director "Ghosted"

by Monika Treut / Deutschland/Taiwan
35mm / 089 min / Englisch/Deutsch/Mandarin/Englisch ST
with Inga Busch, Huan-Ru Ke, Ting-Ting Hu, Jack Kao, Marek Harloff
Prod: Hyena Films

Screenings at the festival
07.02.09 CinemaxX 7 20:00
08.02.09 Cubix 7&8 22:30
09.02.09 CineStar 3 17:45

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