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Mon, Feb 09

The Countess (Page 2)


THE COUNTESS is a historical drama based on the true story of Hungarian Countess Bathory who was born in 1560. At the age of 14, she married a powerful warlord. Although their relationship became cold and distant she gave birth to four children. While he was away fighting wars, she kept up their estate with the help of her confidant, the witch Darvulia, becoming increasingly powerful. She was feared, admired and loathed by many – even the King had to obey her wishes. After her husband died, she met a handsome young man. They fell passionately in love. However, she was anxious that she was not young enough to keep him. For years she waited for his return, and in mad desperation, began to bathe in the blood of virgins, convinced that it would provide her with eternal youth and beauty, setting in motion the chain of bloody and treacherous events that led to her demise.
Following 2 DAYS IN PARIS this is Delphy's third directorial and screenwriting effort. Delphy also plays the starring role, the Countess Bathory.



Video: The Countess, Clip 1

Video: The Countess Clip 2

by Julie Delpy / Deutschland/Frankreich
35mm / 094 min / Englisch/Ohne ST
with Julie Delpy, William Hurt, Daniel Brühl
Prod: X Filme International GmbH

Screenings at the festival
09.02.09 Zoo Palast 1 19:00
10.02.09 CinemaxX 7 10:00
11.02.09 International 14:00
14.02.09 Zoo Palast 1 19:00

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