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Mon, Feb 09

The Good American (Page 2)


THE GOOD AMERICAN portrays Tom Weise, the creator of the Hustlaball (hustler ball). In the 1990s, estranged from his parents, the former political science student leaves Germany for New York. He is HIV positive and can therefore only live an illegal life in the US. According to the law he would not even be allowed to enter the county. After his arrival in New York he has a rough time getting by as an escort. He doesn't earn any money and ends up homeless. Eventually he helps Jeffrey Davis start up an Internet-site rentboy.com, which a decade later becomes the most popular site for escorts. Complications with his health, loneliness, and drug abuse torment Tom increasingly, but finally in 2006 he finds his life partner. Together with his Afro-American partner Keith he decides to return to Berlin and visit Germany for the first time in 15 years. A few days after their arrival the Hustlaball takes place in Berlin. By the end of the film a seemingly self-confident businessman has transformed into a man filled with weaknesses, fears, and dreams.
Jochen Hick's new film provides insight into the life of a well-known gay icon and into the world and mindset of escorts.



Video: The Good american Clip 1

Video: The Good American Clip 2

by Jochen Hick / Deutschland
HDCAM / 090 min / Engl./Deutsch/Deutsch ST
with Tom Weise, Keith Richmond, Freddy Spells, Vin Nolan, Alex Baresi
Prod: Galeria Alaska Productions

Screenings at the festival
09.02.09 CineStar 7 17:00
11.02.09 CineStar 7 22:30
12.02.09 Colosseum 1 15:30

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